Maldives Land package

Trip Location: Male, Maldives
Start Point: Male Airport
End Point: Male Airport
Things To Do: Enjoy diving, excursion, water sports, romantic dining

The Maldives comprises of excellent beaches, clear waters, creates a rush in your adrenaline through adventure sports, as well as stunning weather conditions, making it the most suitable place for a holiday. The place is popular for its white-sand beaches and the spectacular underwater world. Apart from these, the Maldives hold excellent resorts and hotels, with the best food, and culture that is unbeatable. You can include all of these in your Maldives tour packages.

Maldives Land package Hotels :

For 3 Nights 4 Day With speedboat Transfer at Full Board ( All Meals) Water Villa Depands on Category selected

  • Biyadhoo Island (3 Star) / Starting@30000/- Per Person
  • Reethi Beach Resort (4 Star) / Starting@33000/- Per Person
  • Thulhagiri Island Resort (4 Star) / Starting@35000/- Per Person
  • Paradise Island Resort & Spa (4 Star) / Starting@38000/- Per Person
  • Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives (5 Star) / Starting@38000/- Per Person
  • Hard Rock Hotel Maldives (5 Star) / Starting@80000/- Per Person
  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa (5 Star) / Starting@75000/- Per Person
  • SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton (5 Star) Starting@85000/- Per Person
  • Oblu Xperience Ailafushi (4 Star ) Starting@83000/-Per Person



Capital – Male

Currency – Rufiyaa (MVR)

Area – 300km²

Population – 394,999 (July 2011 estimate)

Official Language – Maldivian Dhivehi, English spoken by most government officials

Religion – Sunni Muslim

Electricity – 220V, 50Hz (European or British plugs)

Country code – +960

Time Zone – UTC+5

Population Projection – 2030 – 474,000

National Day – 29 Oct 2019

Maldives Food – Coconut Palms, Tuna and Reef Fish, Huni Roshi

Airport – Velana International airport, Hanimaadhoo airport, Gan Island airport’

Maldives Tour Highlights

  1. Relax in luxury
  2. The Maldives for families
  3. Spa and Wellness
  4. Luxury Villas
  5. Treat your eyes to the scenic beauty
  6. Explore shipwrecks and snorkel with turtles
  7. Cocktails and canapés on a dolphin cruise
  8. Island Hopping, Snorkeling And Fishing Through Dhoni

Best Maldives Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival in Maldives

Day 2 –  Maldives – Enjoy water activities – snorkeling, windsurfing, etc.

Day 3 – Maldives Day at Leisure with Spa and pamper yourself with an indulgent health spa treatment.

Day 4 – Departure from the Maldives

Exclusive Maldives Holiday Packages

Maldives has proven itself as one of the best holiday getaways for the perfect combination of the sun, sand and beaches. Other than that, you can explore clear waters, fine white-sand beaches, blue lagoons and much more. All the attractions in the place witness a large number of tourists every year, by purchasing an exclusive Maldives holiday package that covers all your needs at budget-friendly prices.

The weather conditions of Maldives permits you to plan a holiday package to this island throughout the year without any barriers of the season except the monsoons when the island receives heavy rainfall. The wonderful hospitality exuded at the innumerable hotels and resorts of Maldives leaves an indelible mark in your memory and makes you come back for more. All the islands of Maldives are the powerhouse of beautiful resorts that allow you to enjoy the best of the place with scenic beauty. You can enjoy a quiet honeymoon full of wonderful surprises and lots of romantic moments or you can enjoy a fun-filled family vacation with your children in any of these resorts. If you wish to fly to the Maldives, then the flight connectivity from almost all major airports like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and other international destinations for the Maldives. Once you reach the place, you will be able to enjoy all sorts of water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, swimming, Kite-surfing, kayaking, water-skiing, etc.

Vacation packages for Maldives make you come across beautiful coral reefs and commendable islands that express the marine life the best. Your holiday at the Maldives will be incomplete without quality time spent on the cruise ships that are enthralling. The tour to the Maldives include a lot more than discussed, you are able to customize the package according to your interests and convenience. From accommodation to food and from traveling to ticket bookings, all your burden is brought into concern by the organizer of Maldives tour packages.

Maldives Holiday Experience

For most vacationers, sun-baked days, moonlit nights, sandy beaches and warm, crystal-clear water from the basic ingredients tor the perfect holiday. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Maldives, a delightful cluster of equatorial coral islands in the deep blue Indian Ocean.

The local term for Maldives (pronounced mawl-deevs) is Dhivehi Raajje that mainly means the “Island kingdom”. The inhabitants, who call themselves Dhivehin (islanders), speak their own unique language, Dhivehi. Indian traders are called the country Maladiv, which in Sanskrit means”garland of islands”, a name that was taken by other European languages from the Portuguese. Certainly, the country appears like a festoon of green flowers strewn across the blue velvet Of the Indian Ocean. Its nearest neighbors, India and Sri Lanka, lie about 600 and 670 kilometres (372 and 415 miles) to the north and east.

The archipelago, 823 kilometres (51(0 miles) long, is 130 kilometres (81 miles) at its widest point. These islands are scattered over about 90,000 square kilometres (34,750 square miles). Tiny specks in a vast expanse of ocean, only 199 of some 1,100 coral islands are inhabited.

The islands form twenty-six natural atolls, each enclosed by a coral reef cut by several deep, natural channels. Each island is also surrounded by a protective coral reef and shallow lagoon. Most of these low-lying islands are no more than two meters (seven feet) above sea level and can be explored in ten minutes.

Maldives- Heaven on Earth

Maldives is quite similar to other tropical ecosystems which have few land animals. But the protective coral reefs around each island have created magnificent underwater gardens that are home to millions of multicolour fish, corals, and shells.

For its people, life in this maritime environment has been difficult. Yet archaeological finds in this century suggest that the islands were inhabited at least 4,000 years ago. It is believed the first Dravidian settlers were followed by Aryan immigrants around the time of 500 BC. Contemporarily, there are more than 2 lacs locals who reflect a diverse mix of African, Malaysian, Indian and Arabic influences in their facial features.

Throughout its known history, Maldives has been independent except for a brief fifteen-year spell of Portuguese rule in the sixteenth century.

How to Reach Maldives?

Visitors can gain access right into the Maldives with a valid passport, regardless of their country of origin. A Maldives visa on arrival can be availed by tourists upon reaching the destination. Usually, tourists arrive by flights at the Malé International Airport situated on Hulhulé Island, which is adjacent to the capital Malé. The Airport serves as a center to connect flights to and also from India, Sri Lanka, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, major airports in South-East Asia, plus chartered flights from Europe. If you are looking for the most effectual ways, to begin with the tour to the Maldives, which is no less than a scenic tour. Swan Tours is thus, offering the best Maldives tour packages from India.

Your move towards the Maldives is made possible through domestic flights, seaplanes, boats (dhonis/ speedboats) or a mix of these. The travel to the resorts seems to be an extravagant journey in itself where you’ll find yourself lost in the beautiful paradise, hardly wanting to wind up the beautiful and savoring vacation.

Why Visit Maldives?

The Maldives is prominent with honeymooners looking for privacy as well as adventurers wanting to explore the midsts of the sea on a diving and snorkeling expedition. Tourists looking for leisure can loosen up at one of the island medspas and also all travelers have to surely spend a day visiting the Maldivian capital of Male’. Nonetheless, reaching and also remaining in this exotic heaven calls for persistence and also numerous cash money. Situated between the Arabian as well as Laccadive seas, roughly 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is about as isolated as you can get– and that’s simply an additional among its numerous appeals.

Is the Maldives a good place for a honeymoon?

The Maldives offers the best delights to the couples who choose the place for their honeymoon, for the place is embedded with beautiful nature making it a perfect tourist getaway. Honeymoon packages to Maldives allow the newlywed duos to spend quality time throughout the cruising, explore the sceneries and discover the best adventures throughout their stay. From accommodation to the eateries scattered, it proves to be the best place to enjoy on the part of the couples together. Enjoy a divine candlelight dinner with your better half, talk a peaceful stroll, together, on the far-stretched beaches or view romantic flicks to up the love airborne.

Is the Maldives perfect for family travel?

Maldives, being an island has been recalled as the heaven on earth which receives accolades from all its visitors annually. Irrespective of your age or getaway requisites, you can enjoy the place to the fullest, even if you are planning a family trip or a vacation with your spouse. Considering this tourist places works on a “one island, one resort” idea, what you need to consider while considering your alternatives is whether the hotels you are shortlisting are much more suited for honeymooners or for family. A lot of resorts are available in Maldives for family, group tour, college tour and honeymooners which invite households with kids of all ages and also arrange a selection of tasks to make their vacation pleasurable. Swan Tours is an extraordinary platform which make your travel a completely easy task by choosing for you the most personalized family-friendly hotels for Maldives holiday package.

Which are the best places to enjoy underwater walking tours in the Maldives?

Underwater strolling trips are amongst the unmatched marine life experience that will absolutely use you a mode of uncovering heaven water that will certainly keep you attracted. The best time to appreciate undersea trips in the Maldives is from the month of Jan to Mar when the sea is calm and also the tides are low. Here is a list of best places to enjoy underwater walking tours in the Maldives below:-

  • Mal- For Urban Vibes
  • Sun Island
  • Banana Reef
  • Alimatha Island
  • Artificial Beach
  • HP Reef
  • Fihalhohi Island
  • Veligandu Island Beach
  • Baros Island
  • Emboodhu Finolhu Island

What are the best experiences in the Maldives?

An ideal place to remain on a beach and view a sunset. Maldives has deep blue seas, blue-green coral reefs, vivid corals reefs, white sandy coastlines and also palm trees. It is also a location packed with personality, where its people have actually long spent their days suffering in the real significance of idyll living. Stir up to the sound of the sea as you melt into the Maldives way of living by taking in panoramic views of the deep blue waters and admire ideal gold beaches with Swan Tours Maldives holiday packages give you best convenience at a budget-friendly cost, our tour organizer will certainly be with you throughout the excursion. You need not worry about the whole trip as far as Swan Tours is with you, resolving all your requisites with commitment.

Where in the Maldives do you ought to shop?

Have you given a thought on how exciting shopping in such a beautiful place be like? When we explore a new location with various societies, it becomes a reason for us to go shopping even more. So, if you are likewise a shopaholic wondering what to get and also from where to purchase on your next trip to the Maldives, after that we are here to aid you.  Here the best-shopping markets the items found there in the Maldives have been enlisted below:-

Markets in the Maldives
  • Majeedhee Magu
  • Male Local Market
  • Chaandhanee Magu
  • Malls and Supermarkets

What to buy in the Maldives

  • Thundu Kunaa
  • Maldivian Sarongs
  • Lacquer work
  • Dhonis
  • Jewellery
  • Coconut Products
  • Fish Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Artwork
Do I require a visa for the Maldives?

To get in Maldives no pre-arrival visa is needed. A free visa is issued for thirty days on arrival for all the Nationalities, provided: one should possess a legitimate passport with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) – (standard ICAO Annex 9, chapter 3.10.1) that should have at least 6 months validity.

What to eat in the Maldives?

The foods of Maldives is an amusing collection of standard test with solid impacts from its neighboring countries, such as India and Sri Lanka. The masses of Maldivians are fond of some ingredients like fish, coconuts, breadfruit, millet and tubers, and also over time, Maldivian foods have developed and evolved a different touch of the fusion of several cuisines collectively by the influence of immigrants from old profession and also travel that has added the flavors and tastes to the delicacies.

How many days are sufficient for the Maldives?

Except you are into a details task that calls for a time such as diving & deep-sea fishing, Maldives is best for a brief remain as opposed to a lengthy one. Anything greater than 1 week will be excessive for our point of view. When it comes to the tenure of the vacation to Maldives, then four to five days is normally enough in quantity for the quality offered by the tour packages for the Maldives.

What is Maldives famous for?

The Maldives gets its significance for the natural atmosphere containing the Blue Ocean, white sand beaches and underwater world. The type of weather of the Maldives is optimal for tourists to obtain involved in water sporting activities such as swimming, angling, scuba diving, snorkeling and much more.

Can you drink the water in the Maldives?

Water hygiene in the Maldives is nonexistent as water from the faucet treated water. It is strongly recommended to boil water, beverage mineral water or if you are staying in a hotel, they might provide alcohol consumption water to you. Tourists Diarrhoea is a genuine possibility if you don’t consume secure cured water if you choose to sanitize your own water, have a read of this overview to water hygiene prior to you go.

Is safe to stay with the locals?

The Maldives has in recent times permitted residents to lodge tourists in their homes and also this holiday accommodation choice is without a doubt the most inexpensive. Making use of sites like Airbnb to locate these guesthouses is a great choice. The only option for this option (given that there are a thin number of hostels in the location) is to invest the evening at an expensive resort. Discover more regarding the local culture and save a lot of cash by staying in guesthouses.

What to pack for Maldives Tour?

If you are going to this beautiful beach location, bank on, that you are going to have the most effective time ever. You would be investing most of your time at the beautiful islands, so together with summer outfits, flip flops and swimwear’s we have included few essentials you need to be lugging with yourselves. If you have actually simply started to intend about your holiday to the Maldives, here is list of what to pack for Maldives tour below:-

  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Hat
  • SunGlasses
  • Dry Bags
  • Wet Bags
  • Underwater Camera
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Swimwear
  • Kaftans or Cover-Ups
What not to bring to the Maldives on Trip?
  • Computer
  • Alcohol
  • Pork and its by-products
  • Many warm clothes
  • Shirts and strict clothes
  • Many shoes
  • Hairdryer etc. – it will be arranged by Resorts
What are the best islands for snorkeling in Maldives?

Snorkelers are constantly trying to find the most effective islands on the Maldives with terrific house coral reef to ensure that they can invest as much time as they want snorkeling around the island, checking out abundant marine life. Here is a list of best-snorkeling islands on the Maldives below:-

  1. Mal – For Urban Vibes
  2. Sun Island
  3. Banana Reef
  4. Alimatha Island
  5. Artificial Beach
  6. HP Reef
  7. Fihalhohi Island
  8. Veligandu Island Beach
  9. Baros Island
  10. Emboodhu Finolhu Island

Where can I exchange currency in Maldives?

It is desirable to not transform a lot of your currency to MVR because there aren’t several events to use it, as well as you might be compelled to market it back at rates less than what you bought them at. The cash exchange center is available night and day at the arrival terminal of the Man International Airport. Withdrawal from Atm machines is additionally possible with a nominal charge.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Maldives?

The Best Weather – and also the very best time to visit the Maldives– is between November & April. The high season drops between December and March. The monsoon season runs from May to October, peaking around June. The north atolls have highest rainfall May-Nov; the southern atolls from Nov-Mar.

Best Places to Visit in the Maldives:-

  1. Malé – The largest and liveliest city in the Maldives
  2. Sun Island – Bask in the nature’s pristine beauty
  3. Banana Reef – One of the best diving sites in the world
  4. Alimatha Island – An awesome family vacation spot
  5. Artificial Beach – The carnival beach
  6. HP Reef – The beautiful corals and colorful marine life
  7. Fihalhohi Island – Romantic serenity guaranteed
  8. UtheemuGanduvaru – For a walk through the history of Maldives
  9. Biyadhoo Island – The resort island
  10. Veligandu Island Beach – The lagoon resort

Tour Plan

Day 01 Maldives: Arrival and Leisure Day

After reaching the Male Airport, get transferred to the resort. On arriving at the property, complete your check-in formalities and get settled to your villa. Spend the remaining day on leisure enjoying your comfortable abode and its luxuries.

Day 02 Maldives: Leisure Day

On the second day of your Maldives tour, start your day with delicious breakfast and spend the remaining day according to your preferences. You can indulge in water sports adventures or go on a private excursion hosted at the property on your own cost. Spend the night at the resort.

Day 03 Maldives: Leisure Day

On the third day of your stay at Paradise Island Resort & Spa, you can go for a couple spa or choose a rejuvenating experience offered by the property to pamper your and your significant other. Spend an overnight stay at the resort.

Day 04 Maldives: Departure

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